Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Full Weekend!

On Friday Rich wrapped Christmas gifts that I had bought for our Illinois families. We have both really worked to be well prepared for the months that we'll be gone and having some Christmas done so that there is less to mail was part of that prep.

While running errands, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant that we had not yet tried. It's called Mago Grill & Cantina; the offerings on their menu are unique and everything we ordered was delicious. Have you ever seen a taco salad presented so beautifully? I loved it!

Saturday evening Jack and Nance, our Card Playing BFFs, were here for dinner and again...not on photo was taken to commemorate the evening. Also, again...we women LOST at cards, big time. Hmmm, maybe there is a pattern here after all.

Saturday was a huge day for our Jackson though. This was the year that he got to go to Alabama with his folks for the homecoming football game. Jackson LOVES football; Jackson LOVES Alabama...ROLL TIDE!!! Here are a few shots I copied from their FB posts.

Jackson, before the game!

Half Time!

Sandee, Jackson, Shawn

Lucky for me Sandee's friend, Rory, is my FB friend. Rory posted this photo of all the kids on their way to a soccer game on Saturday. Dylan and Shelby stayed with their family for those few days and obviously they had a great time too!

Marianne, Greg, and Jenny came on Sunday for brunch. This was the last of my cooking ...whew... for a while so I made my (and everyone else's) favorite breakfast casserole along with fruit and coffee cakes. We have had several great evenings visiting with friends and family around this table over the past few weeks and we will miss seeing all of them over the next few months.

As they were getting ready to leave, I took a few more shots of Jenny and Greg. I especially liked this one. Yes, Greg, this one was better than the ones taken after I asked you to remove your hat...sigh...

Today, we re-arranged some cabinets in the RV and Rich installed shelves that he custom made which will give us yet more storage. Every inch of storage is valued in a motorhome the size of ours and, since we will be traveling through various weather conditions, lots of clothes are required. I got to have a nice visit with my next door BFF, packed away the fall decorations, did some cleaning and laundry, and pulled out clothes and supplies to be loaded tomorrow. The excitement and anticipation is building!!!

Lovin' Life ~~ Getting Ready

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