Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Perfect Gift

Much earlier than he usually comes, yesterday morning the UPS driver delivered a package to Rich from the kids. Tucked into a gift bag inside the package were three gifts. Two were books about hiking and exploring the mountains near our winter home from which he has already read me a couple of interesting things. But the third...the third was the perfect gift. It's a four part frame with a photo of each of our grands plus the part that made it absolutely perfect.

Here is a closeup of the fourth part of the frame. Each of the kids wrote a brief greeting and all of them included words with special meanings and memories shared with their Gpa! I took a few pictures then Rich asked me to wait and came back out with this hat on...the one from the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens, the scene of the Chihuly glass exhibit that has been such a funny and memorable running story for the five of us for the past four years. I sent that photo to their phones immediately! Such a personal message from each of them...how perfect is that!?!

The rest of the day was so busy and our errands took so much longer than I anticipated, that I didn't even have the breakfast dishes done or all the food prepared when our RVing BFFs came for dinner...NEVER! I HAVE NEVER been so disorganized when folks came for dinner...good thing they're such good friends! Also, again, not one photo taken the entire evening. I am really slipping!

Larry loved the cookies! After they got home last night, JoAnn stayed up to make a new band for a bracelet I had. I love the pendant-like center which is a frame for thirty cute interchangeable magnets celebrating occasions, moods, and thoughts; but, the bracelet part just didn't work for me. Larry brought it by this morning and now it fits perfectly. She made it from these lovely natural stones. She is an artist of several mediums and now makes jewelry to sell at shows here and in AZ where they have spent the winter for several years now.

Even though yesterday was harried, Rich and I were keenly aware of the date, remembering his mom, my dad, and Pauline who all shared a birthday on October 22. Click here to read last year's post on their birthdays.

Lovin' Life ~~ In All Its Busyness! 

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