Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Another Busy Week

This past week has been; organizing; Christmas shopping (yes, you read that right!); sorting out 'stuff' in closets, cabinets, buffets for donation; baking; hosting; celebrating; planning the next few months; etc know...LIFE! Here are just a few highlights.

Marianne made dinner for us on Sunday and I took this shot of the sunset across the golf course, just before we turned onto our street, when we came home.

Tuesday evening I hosted my Hand 'N Foot group. There are eight of us and they are all remarkable friends; we've been together for twelve or thirteen years. I'm not the only one who travels so we most always have subs who are also just part of our group. Actually, between subbing for me in the winter and Joan in the summer, I think Helen plays year round! When I mentioned that I was going to get rid of sixteen of the twenty-four place settings of these dishes, I quickly had three takers...up to them to duke it out...haha

Yesterday was Rich's 69th Birthday!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love being married to this guy? I thought so!!!

Since Greg works nights (and is the only who works - poor guy) we all met for lunch at Baker's Square to celebrate. Rich is holding two rolls of nickels that were part of his gift from Marianne. He always told their mom, and now tells her, when asked how much they owe him for stuff he does for them, "Just a nickel." She's figures this is a start on paying his fee for past chores. I loved it; such a fun, clever gift!


Marianne and Greg

Today we are driving to Carlinville to visit with Mom; my brother & SIL; my aunt & uncle; my cousin; and my high school BFF for a few days. We want to spend time with them before we leave for the winter, which is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Shortly after we left home, I noticed a new control button placed on the motorhome console where Rich can conveniently reach it. Have I ever mentioned how funny he thinks he is??? Barb gave us this several Christmases ago and he has always kept it in his workshop; it now has a new home and apparently been re-purposed...giggle!

And I'll close with another lovely sunset shot that I took moments ago as we crossed Lake Springfield...nearly there!

Lovin' Life ~~ Keepin' Busy

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  1. Hi Bev! What a wonderful surprise! I was just "meandering" and decided to see what you've been up to lately. I was so thrilled not only to see you and Carol, but then the see Judy and Jim also.It made my whole evening! Thanks for brightening my world! L, V


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