Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breakfast Surprise

Don't these eggs look yummy? This is what I made for Rich this morning thinking I would surprise him with a new breakfast dish. Here is the photo that was on the recipe.

I quickly, although too late, realized that I didn't need all that butter in the skillet I was using but the pepper rings and tomato slices were off to a good start.

Then I cracked the eggs into the pepper rings, broke one yolk (which I hardly ever do) and realized, although too late again, that I should have let the white drizzle into to the ring first and then gently laid the yolk onto the tomato slice.

I know, I know...mine doesn't look much like the photo that I copied from the recipe. It got even worse too. Here is my finished Eggs with Tomato and Pepper...teehee You would never know it was supposed to be the same dish as the one pictured above, huh? I'm still laughing.

Rich really liked the combination of flavors though and said he would love to have it again sometime...what a guy!

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