Monday, October 29, 2012


The family that naps together...giggle! Rich has been working hard on so very many tasks to prepare for our trip. Bella? Bella just likes napping. This was the scene here a little while ago.

Our RV is parked in the pool lot with a sign in the window "Hurricane Delay" so that the security patrol understands why it's there. We are taking an extra, relaxed day to finish preparations and load while the strong winds of "Sandy"  and the resultant Super Storm pass over us tomorrow. We should be clear to leave on Wednesday. On the news earlier, we saw a video of surfers surfing Lake Michigan at Chicago...already there is enough wind coming across the lake to generate waves like that.

Later, I'll catch up with the past few days but I LOVE this photo and couldn't wait to share it!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Fun Shots

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  1. I love funny pictures too, also we are learning a lot about hurricane sandy in school too. Can't wait to see you guys in early December

    Love you!


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