Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy Day

This is the view from our back door just a few minutes ago...beautifully serene.

Not feeling the best this morning so called in to work. After finally getting up at 9:00 I've been drinking coffee, reading blogs, doing laundry, and enjoying the gentle snowfall. R is working from home and has spent several hours on conference calls. Bella was feeling neglected and leaped up for hugs from R. Dora likes playing in the snow on the deck.

I could enjoy spending a lot of days like this one, now that I'm feeling fine!


  1. SNOW!!!! Yuck!!! I am so tired of it. We have at least 18" on the ground here in K.C. I am tired of it. When is spring? All right, so your picture of your "back yard" is pretty, and I'm glad the girls like it, but enough is enough! I'm just thankful that I have lots of lip balm to keep my gorgeous lips from drying out. :-)

  2. SNOW!!! Yuck!!! I am so tired of it.

    OOPS! Somebody already sent that one in.
    Never mind.


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