Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Front Room

Those of you who have been to our home know that we have two arm chairs and a drum table in the bay window of the living room we added on to the front of our house six years ago. As it is, we rarely use that room except when we have company. It is mostly used to build a fort out of the sectional, chairs, and every cushion that can be found in the house when the grands are here...which is actually our favorite use for that room! A couple of days ago it occurred to me that I might enjoy sitting there with my coffee reading the morning news and watching all the activity on the street...what little activity there is in our peaceful neighborhood. I have often thought that those two chairs were too far away from the sectional, leaving a very large open area in the center of the room.

Yesterday afternoon R & I pulled the two large chairs into the center of the room at the edge of the area rug, opened the gateleg table, placed it in the bay window, and set two straight back chairs at the table to see how it looks and if we would enjoy sitting there. The gateleg table would not work on a permanent basis for the same reason it has not worked out very well for playing cards...two people are forced to straddle that wide gateleg. So today we started a search for a small drop leaf table that would work. Since we are not emotionally locked into this arragement yet, I wanted to find out what some of you think, thus the two photos of our front room as it looks right now.

What do you think? Does this make a more cozy conversation area with the two arm chairs placed closer to the sectional or does it close in and clutter up the room too much? We really don't want to buy a drop leaf table plus a small table to replace that big drum table between the two arm chairs until we're sure this is the right move. The two tables are what we think we would need to replace to make this work...does that seem right? I do think we would bring our notebook computers and coffee in there while we read the news and blog in the mornings.

We would really love to hear your opinions/ideas!!!


  1. Great start Bev. I have the same problem in my family room. I've had the furniture moved around several different ways. You and R are the ones who live there so I'm sure whatever you do will be the right thing.
    I'll be following your blog.

  2. I like the cozier look like you have in the pictures. I think it works great, especially if you would sit at the window and use the room more often. Plus, then you get to shop for some new furniture! :-)

  3. I LOVE the table by the window!!! Think the rest seems crowded in the pics, but could feel very different in person, but who cares as the room gets so little use anyway and could function better in this new way, plus, as The Sister could it be bad if you get to shop for new furniture?!?
    The Daughter:-)


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