Monday, January 25, 2010

Trip Down Home

Obviously there is much to be learned about blogging. I know that some of you have e-mailed that you tried to comment but couldn't for some unknown reason and others have said that they tried to join as followers but remain lurkers since they can't seem to hit the right combination (?) to join. My niece just started a blog last week and on some computers the background is pitch black with gray letters, nearly impossible to read. Her blog is perfect on my home computer but black on Mom's computer and on my computer at work...oops...I mean I think it would be black if I ever did something personal like logon to her blog while at work...which I would never do...teehee  Just pokin' around got me this far and I'm hoping that Amber will gain and share vastly more knowledge but, if not, after I retire I'll try to learn much more about this whole process.

Some of you know that Pauline, my kids' paternal grandma with whom R and I have continued our very close relationship all these many years, fell two weeks ago yesterday and broke her hip. She was 97 years old last October, lives in her own apartment, and was fixing a hamburger for lunch when she went down. They determined that she had two breaks and one fracture in her left hip so she had surgery a day later. Our first stop on our trip down home this past weekend was to visit her in the Transitional Care Unit at the local hospital where she is receiving therapy. She is walking short distances with a walker and as always has a very positive attitude about the future which just shines through in her beautiful smile.

Our next stop was at Mom's to celebrate her 83rd birthday on Saturday! She is so lucky to live in an apartment in the Independent/Assisted Living Center in our hometown. She still drives but hasn't for weeks due to the hard winter we're having so R started her car and took it for a drive while we were there. My brother, sister-in-law, R, and I took her to dinner at a great little local restaurant where one of her all-time favorite dinners was one of the specials...whole fried catfish...we all love our catfish! They also had blueberry pie and brought a slice to her with a candle on it so we all sang Happy Birthday. All in all it was a special birthday dinner for her. After we got back to her place, I took this photo of her, her flowers, her cake, the cupcake from the staff, and the Payday bars my SIL made...oh yeah! I'm still experimenting with the film speed or ISO or whatever it is that allows me to take photos without using flash. The colors are usually more true but the shots I took at Mom's without flash are much to learn...

Before we left Mom's on Sunday, I put shortcuts to Amber's and my blogs on her computer desktop...Hi Mom! Hopefully she will enjoy following us on our blogs...if we can figure out how to fix that black screen on Amber's...any ideas?


  1. Sounds like you guys had a good trip over the weekend. Pauline looks great in the picture! Could you send me her address? I would love to send her a card. =)
    I was trying to search for some solutions to the dark blog this morning, but didn't find much out. SOunds like lots of diffs based on different computer settings, diff monitors, diff web browser versions, etc. I will try to contact a friend who has taken some web design courses to see if she has any advice.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of both of these beautiful, "young" ladies. I know they were both thrilled to have you visit them.
    I haven't seen any problems with the blogs on my computer, thank goodness. I'm thankful for that, because I enjoy them and I have no knowledge of how to fix anything involving computer technology.


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