Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cool Ride!

You must surely be wondering what else I did today that would be special enough to warrant its own post. Not to prolong the suspense...I rode a Segway! There is a short list of things I would like to experience and riding a Segway was on that list. But, when faced with the opportunity to do any of them I usually chicken out...not today.

We stopped at a farm market I had remembered from my previous trip to Door County; they now also offer Segway tours. After talking to him about the tours, the guy asked me if I wanted to try one...did I?

I did!

And I'm very proud of the fact that I didn't chicken out because these things are a blast to ride!

Rich had declined to ride one and wandered off to shop but, lucky for me, he returned in time to take these photos. Knowing how rarely I post photos of myself, you must know how much I loved getting to do this!

Lovin' Life ~~ And New Experiences!


  1. I just read your last several posts and am unspeakably jealous for a number of different reasons. I would love a ride on a Segway, that cheese sandwich looks scrumptious, I want to tour Door County -- and take pictures of pelicans and porcupines and stand on the shore of Green Bay ....

    I am not doing all those things but my life is full. I am not blogging much these days. I miss my friends but the thought of HAVING TO keeps me from picking up my computer. I am just so tired when my yard work is done I want to chill and play, and blogging just seems like work. I am sure my love for it will return, but perhaps not while there is blue sky and gardening calling.

  2. Riley saw this and went to the living room to build a lego segway. He did a great job! He will have to bring it to show you the next time we see you all. =)

  3. How FuN! Is it true? Did you feel like you really couldn't fall off? They say they are so stable. I'd love to ride one. Cops in downtown Augusta ride them. Maybe I'll snag one while one of the police is off getting a donut one more. lol


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