Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MOAO ~ Before & After

This "Before" photo was taken last Saturday.

This "After" photo was taken moments ago.

I can't remember how long Rich has had a beard...several years...but he decided to shave it off yesterday. What do I think, you ask? Seriously, I have no really. For those who may have wondered if there is anything in the world about which I have no now have one example! *giggle*

Oh yeah, be sure to notice the embroidered Wheaten on his ball cap in the "Before" photo...a very cool Door County pet shop find.

Lovin' Life ~~ And MOAO, Bearded or Not!


  1. Rich, you are so handsome! Bev, honestly never thought that would happen!?!

    Hope all of you are well! We are getting ready for K's graduation...still can believe it. I was just looking at pics of mine. D,G,K & Bella

  2. Hey! Just so you know...I noticed! Your missing a certain someone bday post!

    Unless my mind is going at a young I'm questioning myself...oh no!

    Be sure to tell her "HB" for me ;)

    G again :o)


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