Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washington Island, WI

The weather was perfect today...sunny, slight breezes, and temps in the sixties! That made today the perfect day to visit Washington Island...23 square miles of lovely landscape about six miles off the northern tip of Door County. We took a car ferry from Northport which you can see here as we left the pier.

Fifteen years ago, my friend Kay and I came up here for a few days of girl R&R and I was excited to show Rich some of the sights. Here our ferry is approaching the dock on Washington Island.

We drove nearly every road on the island today and had a great lunch at a neat old bar. Schoolhouse Beach stood out in my memory for the smooth white rocks rather than sand that cover this beach.

Rich at Schoolhouse Beach.

The water at Schoolhouse Beach on the north side of the island is crystal clear.

The island is heavily treed in many areas but there are open spaces that are farmed. It is enough cooler up here that the early spring flowers and flowering bushes are in bloom, the trees have tiny leaves that are beginning to unfurl, and the rocks are moss covered.

After a day filled with dazzling sights, the girls are ready to board the ferry for the return trip to the mainland.

Standing at the front of the ferry on the way back, the sun shining on the waves made it look like the water was sprinkled with a million sparkling diamonds.

While working on this blog post, I glanced out the window and was treated to this magnificent sunset...an ideal close to this picture-perfect post of such a beautiful day.

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  1. Looks oh so peaceful up that way! I wish today as we hit warmer temps that I was that far north enjoying cooler weather.


  2. Love your sunset picture!



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