Sunday, May 1, 2011

While We Were Away...

...Springtime arrived in Central Illinois! We were greeted with the sight of this beautiful tree as we drove into Carlinville Thursday.

Mom is doing very well and looks great now that she has her hair permed again. For the past couple of years she let it go straight and still kept it very short. Since she had never worn it that way, she was nearly unrecognizable. Thanks, Joyce; she looks like Mom again!

Mom's favorite nature area close to home is Beaver Dam State Park. Earlier today she and I took a drive through the park enjoying the wildflowers and lake and geese.

Here are a few shots we took. If anyone can identify any of the flowers or plants, please let me know what they are. OK, all you smartypants, even I can identify the dandelions...giggle!

Tomorrow we drive the short final leg home. It's like moving when we have to unload the RV after such a long trip...oh well, it will be good to be home again.

Lovin' Life ~~ And the Beauty of Spring


  1. The last two -- Azalea and Long Leaf Pine. My mate is a botanist and he loves answering such questions but he usually need to see clear snaps of the flowers, leaves, buds, and seed or fruit -- also bark or stem -- all the components. There is much repetition in nature so just a flower alone might not be enough for a good identification. For instance, he says the flower following the dandelion might be a Trillium, but I am not to tell you that because without seeing the flower open he isn't certain.

  2. O.K. You have officially made me JEALOUS!!!! I want to take some wildflower pics too!

    Last weekend was supposed to be my get away weekend... Had plans to go with a friend to hike around the current river area and do lots of flower photography! I had great visions of awesome photos to hang on my wall, and many opportunities to practice using my manual settings that I have began to tinker with. All until this greatest flood in all of history decided to grace us with its presence! So much for me ever being allowed to make such plans. Looks like I might have to migrate north to get any flower pictures this year. =(

    Well... I am going to go watch it rain some more. One day they say it will stop. =)

  3. Oh! I forgot, the main reason I was commenting was to help you identify some of these magnificent flowers. You know those ones that I cannot take pictures of...

    1. Dandelion-a little tough, but I am certain this is correct.
    2. Dandelion-gone to seed, ready to create many more...
    3. Purple Trillium
    4. Purple Trillium
    5. Wild Blue Phlox
    6. Lots of Wild Blue Phlox.

    Where were the last ones taken? Up near the restaurant?

    Anyway, I am glad that at least someone is able to take in the beauty of this spring!

    By the way... I do like virtual travels with you, but I dislike this wildflower viewing from the computer screen! No, no, no, I am not bitter to miss another season of using my macro lens with our digital SLR. Not at all.

    Have a safe travel back home and we will see you in a few more weeks.


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