Monday, May 16, 2011

Door County, Wisconsin

We were home for nearly two weeks and I only posted once. I really must try to post quick, short entries instead of waiting until I have time to post one of my tomes!!! We did so much in those two weeks, some of it sad as I mentioned in the Mother's Day post, but most of it was was fabulous to reconnect with everyone at home.

Now we are on the road again. We left home yesterday but drove to just south of Milwaukee before stopping for the night. The winds were horrendous and since we have no schedule for this trip, there was no reason to struggle against them or take any risks. Today we got to the RV Park in Door County, Wisconsin where we plan to stay put and just relax for a week.

After settling in, we drove up to the north end of the peninsula. What I most love about RVing are the delightful surprises that we frequently happen upon...surprises like this stretch of road between Gill's Rock and Northport.
I would love to hear the story of why this stretch of road curves like it does. We have never seen anything like this...a quite lovely surprise. And the cherry on top was this...

...wild turkey with the beautiful blue head walking alongside the road. Rich saw him spread his feathers while I was busy taking photos of this amazing road.

Coming back we also saw his mate on the opposite side of the road.

Here is a view of Green Bay near the ferry dock in Northport. We plan to take that ferry to Washington Island...perhaps tomorrow.

This next photo of Green Bay was taken just outside of Fish Creek. I was trying to capture the many gorgeous colors of the water at that time of day along with the pair of swans.

The tourist season doesn't start until Memorial Day up here so it is quiet and the pace is slow and the people are few and we already found a dog park...absolutely perfect for a relaxing week away.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Frequent Surprises

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