Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Maternal Grandparents

[Note: edited May 27th to add photos taken on their 60th & 66th Wedding Anniversarys]

As I write this, we are driving south in the motorhome toward my hometown for the holiday weekend. After reading blogs and editing some project stuff, I decided to post photos of spring flowering trees and Mother's Day roses that I haven't posted here yet. When I opened the folder to download them, I was quickly reminded that yesterday I deleted nearly all the photo folders from my hard drive. That was intentional because Rich had loaded all of my digital photos onto an external drive so that I could work on projects while we travel. Where is that drive, you ask? Conveniently stored in a bedroom drawer that can only be opened when the bedroom slideout is extended...geesh

While looking at folders on my hard drive to see what's left, I happily discovered the folder with hundreds of Mom's and Dad's old photos that my youngest brother scanned for all of us!

So today, I want to share photos of two of my favorite people Grandma and Grandpa Price, Bill & Bernice. Grandma was born in September 1905 and Grandpa was born in January 1906. My life is continually enhanced by my memories of them. They had such an influence on me; I was so blessed to have had them in my life for more than four decades.

This one of my favorite photos of them...they were so in love for all of the 68 years they were married! We don't know what year this was taken but what I do know is how lovingly playful they were together and this photo always reminds me of that.

This is their wedding photo, November 1924.

Their 35th Wedding Anniversary 1959

Their 40th Wedding Anniversary 1964

Their 50th Wedding Anniversary 1974

Their 60th Wedding Anniversary 1984

On their 66th Wedding Anniversary in 1990 Grandpa arranged for them to renew their vows.

Summer 1991

This is why I have such a passion for family photos. Looking at these and many more as we drive along today brings Grandma and Grandpa back to me in a very real sense...these people I love so deeply.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Special Memories


  1. Oh, how I love the old photos. So, sweet. I always dreamed of "renewing my vows." The fact that HE would be the initiator of that action makes it all the more touching.

  2. Such an awe inspiring post! I too love old photo's. It's so wonderful that you had your grandparents for so long, and the fond memories. :)


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