Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Food Friday

We drove into the city today to shop at the BEST Polish market anywhere (true, no matter what others may tell you about their favorite Polish market)! Before Sandee goes back home after her visit here, we are planning a special dinner at home and the only place to get the BEST smoked sausage is at Joe & Frank's Market. I tried so hard to capture the delectable scents there, but my camera can only do so much.

Just look at these gorgeous sausages though and imagine how wonderful it would be to experience the scent and the flavor. The number of workers behind the counter give you a clue as to how busy they are all the time.

They also have a big selection of bakery items. After pondering his many choices, Rich's amazing will power won out and he didn't buy anything...impressive! Hard to believe I know, but these types of pastries are not appealing to me so it's easy for me to pass on by.

As if that weren't enough deliciousness, we noticed an El Pollo Loco restaurant catty-cornered from Joe & Frank's Market! OH MY!!!

El Pollo Loco was one of our very favorite fast food options when we lived in sunny southern California. This location has been open for two years and we only found it much good eating foregone...such a travesty!

I love their works of food art...

Rich loves their salsa bar!

We both love their food...

My deluxe Pollo Bowl, which includes a perfect combination of flavors, and a side of sweet corn cake.

Rich's chicken breasts and hot salsa.

We will be driving into the city much more often for lunch now! They had opened three locations in Chicago but this is the only surviving one so, PLEASE, if you're in the area eat at El Pollo'll be forever glad that you did.

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