Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Ode to Larry

Our daughter and her adorable ones will be here tonight! As though we didn't have enough to do in preparation for their arrival, Rich came home this afternoon with a new ceiling fan for the breakfast nook to replace the one that bit the dust months ago.

He modified the old fan's light fixture to fit the new fan, since that is the main light source for my computer. There is very little that MOAO can't do; the man is amazing! I love the size of the new fan too; the old one was a tad too large for the nook. Now I have a gentle breeze again when I sit here at the kitchen table reading blogs, managing photos, talking on the phone, texting the kids, playing games...

This is Larry. You can see him hanging just above Rich's pocket in the photo above. Yes, he dangles at the end of the pull chain on our ceiling fan but he is much more than just that to us. Larry came into our lives many years ago, when we still lived in sunny southern California. While camping with our friends, Bill and Deanne, in the Sierras near Mammoth one summer weekend, we strolled through a craft fair. That's where we found Larry. The guys shared many laughs at their own jokes about Larry that weekend...use your own imagination...giggle, giggle!

With all the fun memories of that weekend often coming to mind when I look up and see Larry, I wouldn't trade him for all the pull chain dangles in the world!

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