Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dylan is 10 Years Old!

And he is thrilled to be 10! Here are a few shots of his birthday today. We are having his party tomorrow. Here he is opening a few gifts in the motorhome before their cousins arrived.

Dylan, his brother & sister, and their three cousins played in the yard at our private W&M Campground.

What a blast: riding toys, yard games, lots of trees, a huge yard, and endless imaginations!

The long-awaited (by our kids) movie Cars 2 opened nationwide today...on Dylan's birthday. Thirteen of us were there for the first showing today. The word "awesome" was used a lot as we left the theater.

Repairs have delayed the opening of the town pool. My brother heard that they were using a fire hose to fill it this evening. We all loaded up and drove over to watch. Some may giggle at our small town ways but this was cool stuff to see!

I love this mural on the side of the pool house.

Dylan always picks Chili's for his birthday dinner but the nearest one is probably fifty miles away. He loved the pizza from the local pizzeria though so this was a hit for his birthday dinner.

There were lightning bugs to catch...

...and balloons to blow up for decorations tomorrow.

His Great-Grandma Pogue was here of course, and before the evening ended his Aunt Barb and her son, Ryan, came from Kansas and his Uncle Tom and his son, Chad, came from near Chicago. His Uncle Greg and Aunt Jenny got in much later.

This was a great 10th birthday and there will be lots of fun again tomorrow...if it doesn't rain...please, please, please.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family


  1. Happy Birthdays, Dylan! G,D,K & Bella :)

  2. What a great weekend! So much fun had by everyone!!!!! The boys have been playing with their party favors all week and have begged me to unpack some of the games that we brought home too.

    Great Memories! Enjoy the rest of your visit with the kids!


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