Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Picture Tree

In her comment on my post about Beaver Dam State Park, my niece mentioned the picture tree and wondered about the whereabouts of photos taken there. Well here they are! These were taken on May 30, 1977. Six days earlier my daughter had turned five years old, my niece would be three in August, and it was three days before my son's second birthday. They are so adorable!

The dude on the tree limb with them is none other than my chainsaw-wielding brother, the one mentioned in The Rest of Memorial Day Weekend in which I had to correct a grievous factual error about him!

After taking these photos, the little darlings played on the park's playground. Notice the merry-go-round, the tall metal slide, and the seesaws in the background. Today these are rare relics of the past. In Jacksonville, there is a small park that still has these and our grands loved going to that park when we would visit their Great Grandma Pauline.

A funny confession:  A couple of years ago when our daughter was here with our grands, we took Mom to Beaver Dam for breakfast as we typically do. While eating, we were reminiscing about lots of fun times there including taking pictures on that tree when the kids were little. We ALL decided it would be so great to take pictures of our three young grands on that same limb. Have you figured it out yet?

After breakfast we spent some time on the deck watching the hummingbirds, fish, etc in this lovely setting. Then we got in the car and drove to the location of our 'picture tree' where we immediately cracked up when we FINALLY realized that the 'picture tree' limb of 1977 was now twenty or thirty feet in the air! That darned tree had just kept on growing...and we just kept on laughing at ourselves!

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