Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012 ~~ Epilogue

Epilogue:  In literature, a short chapter or section at the end of a literary work, sometimes detailing the fate of its characters.

Our fate, as it were, on this Valentine's Day was the enjoyment of a meal that can only be described as pure perfection. Mid-afternoon we drove to Cantina Laredo for our Valentine's Day meal. Sandee and I had eaten there shortly after Christmas, and I wanted Rich to experience it too.

We shared every drop of not one, but two, perfect margaritas. The delicate, crispy chips and fresh salsas were a perfect appetizer. We each selected an entree that we had never seen on a menu before; both were perfectly delicious and well complimented by the rice and beans.

And then, oh my, I mentioned this dessert after eating there the first time. Yes, we shared the indescribably perfect Mexican Apple Pie which is served ala mode on a hot plate and sits in the center of a bubbly, buttery perfect sauce.

Did I mention just how perfect every morsel of this meal was and how we savored every perfect moment?

Lovin' Life ~~ And Our Perfect Valentine's Day Fate

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  1. Bev,
    That dessert looks absolutely crazy delicious. I'm trying to figure out WHAT I can create that will mimic its goodness. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm loving looking at your photos and reading your story. What a sweet life you're enjoying. It makes me so happy for you.

    Blessings & {{hugs}},



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