Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swap Meet Saturday

Before heading over to the Mesa Swap Meet, Sandee and the kids met us for breakfast this morning. While we were waiting for our table, Grandpa and our grands all had their wallets out counting their spending money!

There are a couple of things I want to point out about this next photo of the kids sitting on a golf cart at the Swap Meet. First, I don't think anyone other than our grands is younger than sixty, maybe even seventy. Also, in all likelihood, our grands are the only year-round Arizona residents in this photo and may be the only Americans. The East Valley is home to lots of snowbirds and Canadians seem to outnumber Americans in the snowbird population. The parking lot game out here is to try to spot an AZ license plate...giggle!

After we shopped and shopped, they came to our place to see the new flooring. When I got out of the car, some of our neighborhood quail were sitting in the tree next to our motorhome. All winter I've wanted to get photos of them and finally...

After they oohed and aahed over our floors and we all got a snack, Rich and I put up our two bestest Swap Meet finds of the day.

Sandee bought me this beautiful copper wind spinner. I wish you all could see how it moves; it appears that the ball is moving down or up, depending on which way the helix is spinning. It is fascinating to watch!

Rich discovered and bought this metal wall sculpture for our kitchen at the Swap Meet too. Ever since we bought this motorhome, we have talked about replacing the fern print that was hanging there. This morning he had finally taken it down and measured the space. Like most things we buy, Rich modified this. It came with a dark, thick metal frame surrounding the flowers that he removed before hanging it's perfect!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Fun at the Swap Meet

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