Friday, February 3, 2012

Activities Galore!

We have had such a busy three days! Wednesday we took the girls to a dog park...

where there is a beach on a lake for dogs. On that morning, I watched a cormorant diving time and time again. Soon after it surfaced with something in its beak, two more cormorants landed next to it apparently hoping to share in the bounty. Only after I cropped the second photo could we tell that it was a goldfish!

That evening we met our friends at Filly's. Remember? Wednesdays are Wings day there. I love sitting outside at the picnic tables, looking at the Superstition Mtns, visiting with new friends, and watching the horses that fellow patrons rode there.

Lest you think life is all hockey and wrestling and the neighbors' parrot like the last three days of January, our grands do manage to fit school into their busy schedules...giggle! It was a thrill for Rich and I to get to attend the science fairs held at Dylan's and Shelby's elementary school and Jackson's junior high school the last two evenings. The amount of work that goes into these and the sheer numbers of projects makes these fairs quite impressive. It was special for me because I got to visit with some of their friends whom we got to see much more frequently when all their kids were little; now they're all so very busy.

This morning Rich took the RV to have a leak in the propane valve repaired so the girls and I drove around enjoying the scenery...well, I enjoyed the scenery anyway. This group of ocotillos and saguaros caught my eye and the photo next to it is of the buds at the end of one of the whip-like ocotillo branches.

I saw this beauty in someone's yard when the girls and I were driving around a fabulous neighborhood at the base of the Superstitions.

This afternoon Rich installed shelving in our bedroom closet which gives us so much more space! Before, we were using those canvas hanging shelves for clothes and shoes. I wish I had taken a before picture but here you can see Rich's old shelves lying on the bed and him cutting the supports posts.

And here are a couple photos of the finished project and two of his "helpers". Just look at all the extra space we have now!

After they all got home from school, Sandee brought the kids over to spend the night. This is the first time that Dexter has come with them. The kids wanted him to see where they stay...too cute!

And it was so perfect that Dex was here since we celebrated the girls birthdays! Dora's was Jan. 25th and Bella's will be Feb. 8th; these are their 8th birthdays. We had bought them a "birthday cake" (burger patties) this afternoon, we all sang to them, and they even shared their "cake" with Dexter.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We're sure looking forward to one. We just finished dinner and we're ready to watch a movie.

Lovin' Life ~~ On Busy Days 

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  1. Wow you have been very busy on this trip and the shelves look great that rich instaled with his 2helpers that is cute. Tell the girls happy birthday from all of us. Glad you are having fun miss you loads talk to you soon.
    Greg, Jenny, Kelly, Sergio, & Hunter


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