Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peralta Road

Yesterday, after our trip to the Swap Meet, we picked up the girls and drove out to Peralta Road to explore the east side of the Superstition Mountains. The narrow dirt/gravel road extends only 7 miles to the north off the highway. The scenes are breathtaking...all this raw beauty along a mere 7 miles.

Some of the largest saguaro we've seen.

These rock mountains are still carpeted with green even though there's been no rain since mid-December.

This stretch of that road was wider than most of it; it's a very dusty drive.

Here is a very small sample of the great variety of saguaro shapes.

The angle and intensity of the sun rendered the saguaro a bright lime green at that time of day.

What a surprise! As we turned a sharp corner at a dry creek bed, this solitary longhorn ambled across the road in front of us.

This time of year, this year at least, the desert is so colorful.

At the end of Peralta Road, there are several trailheads. This is a trail; the hiking out of here is certainly not for novices because the terrain is rough and steep.

Just another amazing view.

And another.

When you get down and look closely at the green plants covering the rock strewn ground, this is what you see! There must be trillions of these tiny white flowers with yellow centers.

Notice the hoodoos in the background.

There will be another post of a few special photos taken at the trailhead yesterday...just you wait!

Lovin' Life ~~ And the East Valley Desert

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