Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild Horses Again Today!

These photos of wild horses were taken in the Pebble Beach area of the Tonto National Forest, the same place that we took the kids horse hunting on Monday. Today though, Rich was the winning photographer. Bill and Deanne are here so we took them up there hiking. Rich and Bill walked ahead and he got these fabulous shots. We all saw lots of horses today, but he definitely got the better photos. After doing some research, Rich had sent my beloved Canon G9 off to be restored so that he would have a camera too; it now appears that I have some serious competition when it comes to photography!

Rich also took this photo...what do you think it is?

Since today is Wednesday, we ended our afternoon at Filly's for beer and wings with our neighbors. Today was the day of horses...there were fourteen hitched the entire length of the post when we got there.

Lovin' Life ~~ On Another Perfect Day


  1. Wow! Those first three are incredible. I absolutely love the colors. Could you email me the original files? I have a friend who loves horses, and I'd love to have them printed for her for her birthday.


  2. Oh, and I think the mystery photo is a frozen stream bed?

  3. I think you are right about being in compition with Rich but i love both of your photos they are really great. Keep up the good work with the pictures
    Greg,Jenny,Kelly,Sergio,& Hunter


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