Saturday, February 11, 2012

How Fast It Goes

Yet another week of this gloriously sunny and warm winter has passed already! It is late, late on Friday night and I'm just now posting for this past week...yikes!

You may remember that Shelby got to meet and hold our neighbors' parrot, Oliver, the weekend before; last Saturday her brothers got to meet him. They too were amazed at all the tricks he does on command!

After that, we were on our way to the Mesa Market Place Swap Meet which covers 55 acres and has over 1,600 booths along 1 1/4 miles of shopping lanes. Most of the vendors sell new merchandise. I've never been to anything quite like it. This was a drastic change from the one we went to a couple of weeks ago. That was a relief because I had to do some quick talkin' to get Jackson to go to this one after that last experience. This swap meet was so huge and there were so many different things to look at that we only covered about a fourth of it so we'll definitely return some weekend.

Dylan and Grandpa got the buys of the day though. Dylan's ball cap has his initials on the crown and Grandpa finally bought himself a long-talked-about hair hat! I begged that vendor to not give in to his negotiating tactics, but she just laughed and sold it to him anyway...teehee

Our grands even joined a group of seniors to exercise on these vibrating workout machines. I kid you not, these three are a blast to spend time with no matter what we do!

We stayed home on Sunday to join our Super neighbors for the Super Bowl. We all sat outside having Super fun while eating Super food and watching a Super game of football!

Shawn was out of town for work so, Monday we were going to wresting while Sandee took Dylan to hockey. Jackson's game was moved to Tuesday so we all went to hockey but since I had on flips and no jacket, I watched his game from outside where it was warm and got no photos. Here are two of Jackson's wresting match the next evening. He is wearing the gray shirt is certainly developing some moves.

Three days this week, Rich and I alternated getting to the kids' house by 6:15 A.M. (yeah, you read that right) to be with the kids after Sandee left for work, since Shawn was out of town. Of course Wednesday was Wings night at Filly's and this morning the flooring company called to tell us that the materials for our RV was ordered. Finding an installer and product has been quite a time consuming project; now, hopefully, it will be installed late next week!

This evening was the first ever Sock Hop at the kids' elementary school with the 100 Year Anniversary of Arizona Statehood as the theme. The students were encouraged to pick a decade and dress in that style. Shelby dressed as a cute! The Student Council members had to dress as cowboys and Dylan was the coolest cowpoke of all! Shelby sang with the Chorus and the Student Council performed a cheer and dance routine. In between, the DJ played great music and the kids, along with some parents, danced and danced. It was great fun!

Just look at that little hippie in the front row with the flowers, the headband, and the peace signs!

And there's our favorite cowboy in the back row with this arms crossed. I have great movies of both Shelby's chorus and Dylan's dance but will probably never find the time to get them uploaded...sorry.

The boys went to a sleepover tonight and they all have plans for tomorrow...what will Rich and I do???

Lovin' Life ~~ Wishing I Could Slow Down Time

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