Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A One Day Vacation in Roswell

It's no secret that we LOVE Roswell. That's been well documented here on previous trips. Last night Rich found the most incredible radio station, you can stream it online at We stayed up so late reading, singing along (me), and talking while listening to the great music selection of old hits. We love the museums, the restaurants, the UFO kitsch, the shopping, and lots of other activities in Roswell. Something about the place, we always have such relaxed fun while here.

Of course we always visit the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, our favorite small art museum and we have seen a few on our travels. I've posted favorite works here before so took broader shots for you today.

See why we love this museum? For grins I'm going to also post a few special pieces...

This is a new piece titled "V-8 Hot Tub". The V-8 engine being fueled by gasoline from the military-style gas can to warm and pulse the water entering the tub, which is missing one leg so is supported by a concrete block. Totally amusing; we loved it!

I've never posted this piece in its entirety but any of you who have used the guest bath in our home within the past year will surely recognize one section of it!

This one had me laughing out loud. It's a hug pile of polyester-filled felt tubes. Here's part of the description on the artist card, "It is about materializing the...physical digestion...that make[s] up the cycles of daily life." Have you figured it out? It cracked me up wondering if Bella was trying to create a work of art by digesting all that "stuff" of her daily life.

From there we did a little shopping, then ate at what might be our favorite smoked meats restaurant, the Rib Cage. Yummm...they know how to do meat! I didn't even pick up my camera when the plates were set before us. I did take a photo of this though. Rich uses that phrase "Pie-Hole" so it was funny to see it on a table menu. That Blackberry Cobbler was delish too!

What would any visit to Roswell be without a few photos of the aforementioned UFO kitsch?

Lights along Main Street

We're out of here at the break of dawn tomorrow morning for the next to last day of travel...
Good night all!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Light Days of Laughter with MOAO

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