Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bella Update

Again this morning at 7:30 we were at the overnight emergency clinic to pick Bella up and transport her to the Capitol Illini Vet Clinic. She was very groggy but could stand and walked a few steps when they took her out of the kennel where she spent the night.

This is Dr. Helgen, Bella's surgeon. She was just about as thrilled to see Bella this morning as were we! 

The surgery was so extensive that another surgeon, from their Chatham clinic, also came and scrubbed in because it took two surgeons working together to get all the foreign materials safely out of her. Dr. Helgen brought in a large zip-loc style bag containing all the 'stuff' that was removed from Bella's stomach, intestines, and colon during surgery. Well of course I took a photo but it's too gross to post. What was most shocking was that there was at least 8 inches of leash in one piece in addition to rug strands, blue bone shards, a couple of small pieces of leash, and heaven knows what else some of that was.

Looking back at yesterday's post, I realized that I should have mentioned how relieved we are that a year and a half ago we had all the carpet removed from our RV and laminate flooring laid throughout. Just thought I would mention that in case any of my dear readers were thinking the worst. Our floors are scrubbable and boy did they ever get scrubbed...over and over again!

By this evening when we visited, she had sips of water today that stayed down but still refused to eat. Those who know her realize she's not herself! We moved her back to the overnight emergency clinic again so that she can continue to be IV hydrated and we'll take her back to Capitol Illini again in the morning.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Dr. Helgen

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