Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Stowaway

There's a good reason for all this frantic activity in our life the past couple of months. We were spending time with family and friends, completing projects, and sorting through stuff because we are already on our way to Arizona for the winter. You read that right. We finished loading this morning, hooked up our tightly packed car to the tightly packed RV, and drove to Carlinville where we are now parked at our favorite W&M Campground! We plan to spend the next couple of days visiting family and friends before heading southwest for the winter.

We are so excited to get there and continue settling in to make it our home away from home and especially to see Sandee, Shawn, and our grands again! Mary cooked us a great dinner, Rich is already asleep, and I will be in about ten minutes; we are exhausted!

When Rich brought the RV over to our house on Tuesday to start loading, he noticed a stowaway on the passenger side RV mirror. Isn't it something?

Even though the picture above is cropped, you can see here that it is pretty big spider. See where it's living, under and inside that mirror? Anyone know what kind it is? It rode there all the way down to Carlinville, 220 miles so we're wondering if it will still be living in and on that mirror when we get to AZ. What do you think the chances are? Smart spider I'd say, hiding away on a ride to warmer climes for the winter!

Lovin' Life ~~ Enchanted By Our Stowaway

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