Saturday, September 21, 2013

Springfield to Springfield...

...Illinois to Missouri that is! On the tenth day after leaving home, seven days after Bella got sick, and five days post-surgery we have continued on to the southwest. Here's a brief recap of our first glorious day on the road.

Golden soybean fields just south of Springfield, IL

Pure luck both times, on a previous trip too, I have caught this shot of the Gateway Arch in the background of a rail yard. We take I-255 to the south around St. Louis.

Mere moments later I was able to get this shot of St. Louis.

Crossing the Mississippi River on I-255 over the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.

Couldn't resist shooting this shortly after we transitioned from I-255 to I-44. Now that's some BOURBON!

Missouri is an incredibly beautiful state, even from the interstate!

The KOA office in Springfield, MO. They would deliver piping hot, homemade pizza to our RV so we didn't even unhook the car tonight. It was good pizza too!

Just look at Princess Bella. She struggled to do it but finally succeeded in balancing herself comfortably on top of two couch pillows while Dora had none. I fear there's a sense of entitlement brewing after all the attention and special foods being provided our surgical patient. Seriously though, we had a great day of travel and she seems to be doing very well.

Yesterday we had seen Bella's vet for the final visit which was bittersweet because she saved Bella's life and is such a sweet person too. Last evening we drove into Virden to meet Uncle Don, Aunt Audrey, Betty and her adorable grandson, Carter, and Wayne & Mary for dinner since we were confident we would be leaving today. Here are a few shots...

Carter & His Grandma

Mary & Wayne

Aunt Audrey & Uncle Don

Lovin' Life ~~ On The Road Again

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