Monday, September 23, 2013

"Old" Friends, Short Days

I had such a great time last night that I forgot to blog!

Yesterday was a short driving day, we only went from Springfield, MO to Tulsa, OK where we dry-camped at the Hard Rock Casino.

We especially wanted to stop here this trip because our friends, Dianne & Mike, from our neighborhood in California have moved here. They met us for dinner at the buffet in the casino and we spent a fabulous four hours catching up on each others' lives.

As the four of us walked through the casino on our way out, we each gambled a bit. I put $20.00 in a slot and cashed out at $32.75. That may not sound like much to you but where else can you get a 63.75% return on your money in about fifteen minutes? Dianne didn't do quite as well; she put $1.00 in a slot machine and cashed out at $1.40...but still, that's a 40% return! The guys, well neither of them had a ticket to cash out...giggle!

This morning we left Tulsa at 9:00 planning to drive to Amarillo, TX. Here is the Arkansas River which runs through Tulsa.

Bella was feeling well enough to keep an eye on the road for Rich!

There are some beautiful scenes along I-44 in OK!

Check out the tree, not the bug splattered windshield in this shot. The cross winds were strong which makes driving a rig pretty exhausting. When we stopped for gas, we decided that there is no reason to push it so we are spending the night at the Elk City/Clinton, OK KOA. The winds died down late this afternoon.

For Dora it was just another boring day on the road. She was keeping an eye on me because she must have known that they gave me dog biscuits when I checked in here at the KOA.

Bella though was tired and took a nap soon after we arrived. All that co-piloting is hard work!

Right after we pulled in, I got a delightful friend since grade school, Sandee, called! We don't often call each other so it was a treat chatting with her. It must be old friends week here on the road...check in please!

Lovin' Life ~~ Staying In Touch With Friends

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