Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kudos to WalMart!

We needed a few things from the store this morning so I drove into town and shopped at WalMart on Sixth St. Keep in mind that on our travels we stop to shop, and occasionally sleep, at many WalMarts; I'd venture to say we've probably visited 100 stores. The exteriors of the newer stores are quite varied. This is absolutely the most amazing WalMart exterior I have ever seen.

This is the front center of the store. It is a tribute to the fact that Springfield was Lincoln's home, he was laid to rest here, it is the home of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and that Illinois is the Land of Lincoln.

The panel on the left is inscribed with the Lincoln quote, "I DO NOT THINK MUCH OF A MAN WHO IS NO WISER TODAY THAN HE WAS YESTERDAY."

The panel on the right is inscribed with the Lincoln quote, "PEOPLE ARE JUST AS HAPPY AS THEY MAKE THEIR MINDS UP TO BE."

My mom was a WalMart Associate for just over twenty years. Like most of her era, she was so proud to be a part of that great enterprise. When they built the new store in Carlinville, just a few years ago, she was so disappointed because it was so plain, inside and out. I know that Wayne & Mary have taken her to this Springfield store but I don't know that she was still able to appreciate what WalMart did here by then.

Lovin' Life ~~ WalMart Equals Memories of Mom

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