Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bella Is Home!

I just couldn't blog last night; for one thing I am reading a good book but more importantly I was exhausted. This week has been so stressful for us that when Bella came home yesterday all the oomph just left me.

Yes! Bella came home yesterday afternoon! After meeting with us and explaining all the meds, answering our many questions, and reviewing her food schedule, Dr. Helgen brought Bella to us.

As soon as we got home, she curled up in a favorite spot under the table. Notice:  there is no longer a rug under the table where we can't keep an eye on her!

For the first few days, Bella is on a prescription diet that is easily digestible. Last evening Rich would feed her from his fingers to get her to eat.

Were you wondering where Dora was while Bella was getting all this special attention? Not far from the action.

Aaawww...Bella was lying here after eating and Dora walked past her, then backed in, to lie close to her.

This afternoon we were back at the clinic for a scheduled check of her temperature/pulse/respiration. She trotted into the clinic like she was going to see her best friend...well, one could say that Dr. Helgen is her savior. The doctor was thrilled to hear that she eagerly ate her pills embedded in food from a dish this morning and went to the bathroom. TMI? Oh well.

Just a bit ago, Rich was two-fisted feeding both of them. They are both going to be even more spoiled but we are so happy to report that it appears Bella will recover completely!

Tomorrow morning we return to the clinic for a more complete checkup and the doctor expects that she will give us the all clear at that time. If so, we will be back on the road Saturday morning. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Good News!

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