Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beaver Dam State Park

is a short drive from my hometown. Mom has always loved this park and spent many hours hiking around the lake, often with my niece when she was young. When Mom and Dad had a camper, she spent innumerable weekends camped out there with friends...old and new.

A few years back, a new concession building with a large deck, a restaurant, and bait shop was constructed at the edge of the lake. The building is lovely, the food is good, and the view of the lake is fantastic in all seasons.This remains a favorite place for all of our family.

Before leaving on Tuesday morning, May 31st, my sister, her son, Mom, Rich, and I went there for breakfast. In the photo below, my Sis is supplying Rich with materials for his Jelly Tower. Please note the orange wrist bands he's wearing...a gift from my sister who took them from everyone's orange juice bottles...some kids never grow up...giggle!

While waiting for our food, I managed to tear myself away from all this frivolity to take photos of the snakes that we could see swimming in the lake outside our window. These are two different snakes but perhaps the same species at different stages? Can you identify them? I'm asking. They were fairly fast swimmers in open water but seemed to prefer slithering along the shore.

After a wonderful, funny, crazy breakfast, I did get this great photo of these goofballs...

...before Rich and I headed back to ready the RV for our trip home. This was taken in my rear view mirror as Rich followed me into town from the W&M Campground to hook the car up for towing.

Admittedly it has taken me a while but, finally, this is the last of my stories and photos of our family gathering on Memorial Day weekend.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Giggles


  1. I love Beaver Dam State Park. Been a long time since I have really explored there, but I remember SOOOOOO many times going with Grandma to the Marsh to look for deer, frogs, turtles, and whatever else. Fun memories. And of course the picture tree. Do you remember that tree? The one with the branch that we would all sit on to have pictures taken? I wonder where some of those pictures went?

    The snakes are both Northern Water snakes. Very common, love to feed on fish and frogs, and are perfectly harmless critters. Here is some cool info about them if you are interested.

  2. Pretty snakes. Other than that I know nothing about them.

    What I do know is that you and your family always seem to know how to find -- or make -- a good time!


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