Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fire Department Tour

June 25, 2011

Because I get so far behind on this blog o' mine when our grands are here, I've decided to simply catch up as I have time and begin each post with the date about which I'm writing. For example, even though we are in Michigan tonight , it may be weeks before I post today's activities.

On the morning of Dylan's birthday party, my brother had arranged for a tour of the local fire department. This was a surprise for the kids and they were all so excited when we got there. 

Since Shelby wants to be a firefighter when she grows up, she didn't stop grinning the whole time and hung on every word of the firefighter who gave the tour.

They all got to see what it would be like to drive a fire engine.

Here is Shelby wearing the gear that is worn by the firefighter who gave us the tour. All the kids had the opportunity to try on the suit and the air tanks. They were amazed at how heavy all of that gear is to wear.

Jackson and Dylan, and their three cousins, enjoyed every minute of the tour too. All of the kids got to sit in most of the equipment. And, there was a lot of equipment!
With all that equipment along with the dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer firefighters, Carlinville has a fire department that every resident should be very proud to support.
Lovin' Life ~~ And Learning Along With the Kids

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