Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorgeous Day at Our Two Favorite Parks

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a collage of the kids' favorite playgrounds and today we visited them. It was another absolutely gorgeous fall day so, even though we had no definite plans, we knew we wanted to be outside. We had a late, relaxing morning and then went here:

After checking out the parking situation at a couple of Metra stations for tomorrow, we came home to prepare a picnic lunch and took it to their favorite park.

They can scurry to the top of this rope climb like it's nothing!

But the main attraction is this very cool circle thingy that you can get going round and round really fast and then fly off!

By the time I took this, Grandpa had been spinning the circle for quite some time while I merely exert myself holding my camera. Here's a brief movie so you can see him in action and hear the kids' giggles and screams...

Lovin' Life ~~ And Gorgeous, Fun, Fall Days at the Park

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