Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Lovely Bedroom

With Dora in the photo, you may have thought that this post was going to be about the girls, but it's not...and there's no photo of Bella today because she refused to cooperate. This is the long-awaited, much-requested (teehee) post about the painting of our bedroom. You will recall that Rich had painted it while I was visiting Mom but I hated the lemony yellowy color so we were going to paint it again. Last Thursday, I made a final decision (again!) about color and we painted...I love it! Here are a few more shots.

What? You don't have large dog kennels in your bedroom? These windows overlook our deck giving the girls a view of the golf course.

This short hall leads to our master bath.

I can't imagine what drugs I was taking I was thinking when I picked the previous colors nearly six years ago. The only reason we lived with them this long was because I was so fearful about picking paint that I just couldn't make a decision. I can't believe I'm actually going to post these 'before' photos, but here goes. Rich took these when he was prepping the room to paint.

Except for our bedroom, I still like all of the decorating we've done since we built our house thirteen years ago. [Confession: I had actually picked those dark colors AFTER purchasing the drapes and comforter you see in the finished photos thinking that they coordinated well...really, what was I smoking thinking back then?]

Lovin' Life ~~ And, Finally Getting the Color Right

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