Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rich's Old Neighborhood

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We stopped at two other special spots in his family's old neighborhood. The first was the three-flat his family owned and where he grew up. As we stopped in front, Dylan leaped out of our van to take a photo of Grandpa's house with his phone...hmmm...wonder where he got that idea???

After Mass we walked a couple of blocks to the candy store. Oles, now 84 years old, has owned this little store since 1948 and his sister still works there with him. Rich, Marianne, Helen, and even Ted Jr. all remember buying candy there when they were kids. Before they came, Dylan had asked if we could go to "Grandpa's candy store" this visit because he remembered Rich talking about it.

Helen, Marianne, Oles, Ted Jr., and Rich reminiscing about the old days in the neighborhood.

Marianne treated all of us to the candy of our choice. Not having seen any for years, I chose candy cigarettes.

[Confession: I should have given more thought to my choice of candy. Throughout the evening, one or another of my sweet little grands would ask, "Grandma, can I have one of your cigarettes?" It never lost its shock value!!!]

Jackson, Shelby, & Dylan in front of Oles with their candy.

Rich told them about opening the fire hydrants to play in the water on scorching hot days when they were kids.

Grandpa and our grands at 17th and Wood, the corner between his childhood home and Oles' candy store.

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