Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tooth Fairy ~ Part II

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But wait! There's more! We had no idea that, during this visit, there would be a Part II to our first Tooth Fairy post. Shortly after our pizza dinner last evening, Shelby brought me a tooth that she had "just knocked out!" We were aware that this tooth was loose but it seemed that it would stay in until she returned home. Who would ever expect that she would lose two teeth during a week's visit?

She wondered, we discussed. If she wrote a note asking the Tooth Fairy if she could keep her tooth, would she still get money for it? To add to her dilemma, the Tooth Fairy always leaves them a very special $2.00 bill. You can clearly see what a difficult decision she faced. She finally decided that the risk was worth it for a chance to keep the tooth.  Here is her note...

This morning, we were all thrilled to discover that the Tooth Fairy gave her a special $2.00 bill and also left the tooth in the envelope so that her folks could see it and she would have it to take to school when she tells the story of her two lost teeth.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Accommodating Fairies

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  1. Playing catch up today! You all have been BUSY!!!!!! =) Glad you had great weather to enjoy a week with the kids in Chicago.

    Two visits from the tooth fairy on vacation! WOW! That is one special gal. Good thing that tooth fairies can keep track of kiddos no matter where they might be. When Riley lost his two teeth, he has asked to keep his tooth each time as well. The tooth fairy also let him do that. I guess good kids get extra special wishes.


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