Monday, October 10, 2011

Rich's B-Day Party

On Saturday, I baked a Slab Apple Pie for Rich's birthday. His birthday is Tuesday but I decided to have his party yesterday since more of our family could be here and they all wanted to see the kids too. One of the first things the kids did was decorate the pie.

Our dinner menu consisted of Crescent Dogs, Mac & Cheese, and Baked Beans...all requested by Rich. After he blew out all the candles, we had pie and ice cream before he opened gifts. Six candles to the left and eight to the right represent 68! That's Dora, checking out his gifts.

In addition to the kids and us, also here to see the kids and celebrate with Rich were:

Right after everyone got here, all the kids were climbing in and through Greg's and Jenny's new truck. They and Chad and Jenny all climbed in the back for this photo.

We had a blast! Dylan was trying to keep a game of Truth or Dare going while everyone was eating. The kids had gotten up so early to get to the airport though that I suspect he was really trying to stay awake...they are all so very cute!

Lovin' Life ~~ And Family Parties

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