Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winding Down January

We have been so busy since we got back from California last Monday evening; our schedule is packed with the kids' activities which is the absolute best thing about being here for the winter.

Tues. Jan 24 ~ After doing chores and getting settled again, we met Dylan and Shelby after school and took them to Subway for dinner while Sandee got ready to host her book club. Jackson had wrestling after school so we brought his dinner home. Sandee made one of her and Rich's favorite desserts to serve that evening, Caramel Chewy Bars.

Wed. Jan 25 ~ That is Wings Day at Filly's so we reconnected with our neighbors and met some new ones. We have to get there by 3:30 to get "our table" but this week...horrors...others were already seated there! They do a huge business on Wednesdays and it's so great to sit outside enjoying our friends and soaking up the atmosphere.


Thurs. Jan 26 ~ This was an evening of firsts for Rich and me. We got to go to Jackson's wrestling meet, knowing nothing about wrestling. This meet was held at his Junior High and we had not been there yet. The wrestling season started while we were in California so this was his second meet. He is on the left, in position for the start of his match.

Fri. Jan 27 ~ Dylan had a fully scheduled weekend of sleepovers and hockey practice but Jackson and Shelby slept over and we watched the movie, Mr Popper's Penguins.

Sat. Jan 28 ~ The kids played on the playground at the RV park for a while. Then we went to a Swap Meet hoping to score an outdoor rug, not the best one ever but it was a first for them and the kids got the idea of it. We went on to Camping World, bought the rug, and checked out a couple of new RVs. I had read about Canal Park on a blog so we checked it out next. There was a cool playground where Jackson and Shelby could climb and some neat cactus.

When we got home everyone pitched in to lay out the new rug and set up the fence so that we now have a fenced yard for the girls! And do they ever love it! Bella stays on patrol, barking at every dog passing by. Dora is content to lie out there in the sun all day. Oh did I mention that it's in the 70s and sunny and we can leave our door open for Dora and Bella to go in and out whenever they want.

There was time for a rousing game of toss the plastic bottle into the wastebasket before we took Jackson home so that he could go to a sleepover at one of his friends'. The girls watched the action closely!

Sun. Jan 29 ~ Shelby had slept over again and she was so interested in our neighbors' parrot, Oliver, that she was asking Janet questions. Those of us who live here enjoy hearing the many different sounds that he makes when he is perched outside. Janet was eager to share her vast knowledge with Shelby and invited us over so that Shelby could hold Oliver and Janet could show us some of his tricks. After that, Shelby played with their tiny dog, Moose; isn't that name perfectly cute?

Rather than take Shelby home first, we met the rest of the family at the ice rink for Dylan's hockey game. He is in the center in the photo below.

Mon. Jan 30 ~ Rich has joined a fitness center here and after he returned from his workout, I did some shopping and got a much needed haircut. Just another glimpse at how life goes on, wherever we are. That evening we again met up with them at Dylan's hockey game. Here the coach is talking to the team between periods. You can see Dylan's #7 to the right of the guy wearing #15.

Tues. Jan 31 ~ We are trying to get the carpet replaced with a smooth-surface flooring in the RV which is turning out to be much more complicated than we had ever imagined so Rich spends a lot of time making calls and we continue to search for an installer and a product. This evening Jackson had a wrestling meet...of course we were there! He is wearing the red shirt in the photo below.

I'm thrilled to have accomplished the posting of these highlights of the final days of January; Rich and I are so blessed and remain thankful for all the joy we are able to experience; and I'm so relieved that this month has finally come to a close.

Lovin' Life ~~ Appreciating the Good 

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