Wednesday, April 4, 2012


That's how many miles we drove from Roswell, NM through the Texas Panhandle to Foss, OK on Monday, a drive that warranted less than 100 photos. That's not to say that we were bored; that rarely happens. We gaze at the countryside (it's amazing what you can see from the higher perch of a Class A cab), chatting and listening to rock. Rich's experience is enhanced by listening to me sing along...teehee!

To entertain myself during one stretch, I took a few photos of the rear my mirror!

Grain elevators...big and small.

Roadside trees.



Often I'm surprised by what I find when I look through a day's photos. While we were on the road Monday, I had no idea that I was capturing the following since there were many miles between each. Where would you rather live if you were a cow?

New Mexico?


Or Oklahoma?

For grazing, give me the lusher green pastures of Oklahoma...thank you very much.

And where else but here would you be asked a question like that???? giggle


One reason why we stay at a lot of KOA Parks is that those yellow signs beckon a "Welcome Home" by now in their familiarity. After I had checked in on Monday night, she handed me an Easter assortment of goodies...a plate for us and a bag of treats for the sweet.

The girls sensed that I returned to the RV with something special for them. They followed me closely after we parked and got settled. When I turned my attention to them, they seemed to be thinking "hand over them treats right now woman and no one will get hurt!" so I immediately complied.

Lovin' Life ~~ Havin' Fun With It!

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  1. Wow. Impressed with those rear view picture. Great depth of field! Of course, it is a Cannon & has a wonderful operator. LOL :)

    I might have to invest in that camera for my travels.

    Funny, D and I were just having that discussion about TX & OK...he agrees that our dream horses one day will pick OK too. I still say WA or CA.

    Drive safe. D, G & K


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