Friday, April 27, 2012

Waiting for Spring

According to our thermometers, and Rich has several positioned around our house, it is in the 40s during the day...gray, windy, 40s for the most part recently. However, it feels like this to me...

Stubbornly, I refuse to wear anything but flips because that's what I've worn daily for a year or so now. This morning I stood out in the bone (ahem, foot) chilling wind to fill my van with gas. It could have been much worse though. Luckily, I did win the argument with myself about wearing a jacket...giggle

I'm not feeling very kindly toward my blogger friend who is spending days on a Gulf beach with her family or our AJ, AZ friends who've been traveling across the south and up the Atlantic coast in their RV. Our time will come. Again. It will.

Lovin' Life ~~ Even Though It's Brrrrr Here  

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