Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh yeah, these are regular old chocolate chip cookies. There's nothing special about the recipe except that I only add half as many chocolate chips. What's different is the way they were baked.

My cousin Kathy, remember her? She's the professional baker. Anyway, she and I were e-mailing back and forth this week about a couple of our favorite food bloggers. I sent her a link to Picky-Palate because the author of that blog does some really cool stuff with cookies that I thought she would be interested in seeing. We were both fascinated by the cookies she bakes in muffin top pans.

So today, another windy/gray/chilly day here, I decided to bake cookies. I thought I had a muffin top pan but must have gotten rid of it. I do have two of these great regular muffin pans though. I didn't even have to spray them first. Using my largest cookie scoop, which seems to hold about 4 teaspoons, I plopped rounded scoops of dough into each muffin cup then gently pressed them into shape using my fingers.

After only ten minutes in a 350 degree oven...

Rich thinks they are perfect but he likes a bit drier cookie than I; maybe Kathy can give me some tips on how to make them more chewy.

By the way, Bella snatched a couple of them that I left too close to the edge of the table. Apparently she liked them, she wasn't even the least bit contrite about it.

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