Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Crazy...After All These Years

Since returning home a week ago Monday, our lives have been a whirlwind of unpacking, laundry, various electronic equipment failures/challenges (don't ask!) that have necessitated many hours at stores and online, dentist visits (several...ouch), researching support programs for Mom, vet visits, a photo scanning project, groomer appointments, and getting in touch with family and friends. If you're wondering: YES! it is worth it to be gone for months and have lots of catching up to do.

My third get-together was a very special one. On Sunday I drove back down to Carlinville to meet a friend for lunch. He graduated high school a year before I did and we had not seen each other since then...46 years ago! We had connected through his SIL who is Mom's doctor and he was visiting from Portland, Oregon. We had a blast catching up and running through funny memories of working together at the "Treat" even calling another of our teen friends/co-workers, who lives in Texas, so he could sing her a special song...a blast I tell you! I had taken along the yearbook in which he had written on many, many pages. He is an actor and has performed in many cities, living a life so very different from mine; I could have listened to his stories for days. It was an amazingly crazy wonderful reunion!

Meet of my bestest old friends!

That evening Mom was really surprised when I showed up to visit her with W & M. She certainly didn't expect to see me again so soon. I had to head back home at the crack of dawn on Monday though to make my 1:00 dentist appointment...ouch and ouch!

Lovin' Life ~~ Renewing Friendships 

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  1. Oh what a lovely thing. I have a best friend that I've had since fifth grade and it's amazing to talk to someone who knew you "way back when"

    I'm glad you are "happy" busy, what a wonderful life.

    And I see what you say about the photos. I agree, lovely to have to hold onto.


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