Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter ~ Then, The Final 200 Miles Home

It amazes me just how easily we slip back into our home and all of its comforts...so many places to sit, so much space, lots of cabinets and closets, ginormous bathrooms, a variety of coffee cups to choose from, TIVO, great water pressure, a washer and dryer, etc...you get the idea. We don't really miss any of those things any time we are traveling/living in our motorhome but do appreciate them when we're home. As I said on FB though, it is a much longer walk to a bathroom here in the house...giggle We have already watched more TV (thanks to four months worth of TIVO) since yesterday than all together the past four and a half months...that could be on either the pro or the con list of being home.

We enjoyed a delightful Easter on a perfectly gorgeous spring day with my brother and his whole family. He and my SIL have a small farm with a huge yard that provides lots of space for the EB to hide eggs for my great-nephews...and that bunny hid a LOT of eggs.

That afternoon my cousin came down with a made-from-scratch, still-warm-from-the-oven coffee cake...oh my! Rich and I savored a large piece each before I packaged some for us to take out to Mom. She was so happy to see Kathy and pleased to get a homemade treat from our family baker.

We left Carlinville early Monday morning for the last leg of this journey, arriving at our house around 12:30. It appears to be a good spring for the farmers since many fields have been planted already and some have even sprouted. What a lovely sight...the rich dark earth with the fragile green shoots peeking through.

We're getting close to home now...how exciting! This is a photo of the marsh just off the interstate near our home.

Here we are at the entrance to our neighborhood.

And this is our first home, our other home, our permanent home, our non-RV home...I don't know how to refer to it, but I know we are happy to be here for a while.

btw: For those of you with inquiring minds...today I drove the RV for the first time, a quite successful lesson I might add. And no...no persons or property were harmed during this lesson.

Lovin' Life ~~ Wherever We May Be 

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