Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back in Illinois!

Seeing The Gateway Arch on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, MO means we're nearly home because the river divides Missouri from Illinois...and home. We left on December 1st; the time has just flown by though.

We won't get to our house until Monday, but we arrived in my hometown, Carlinville, on Friday to visit Mom and spend Easter weekend with my brother's family.

Even though it was only around 6:00 p.m. when we got there, Mom was already in bed. She had forgotten we were coming. That didn't stop us from visiting a while though. Rich and I; my brother and SIL; their daughter and her family made sure that Mom was entertained for a while.


We enjoyed a lot of family time Friday evening and all day Saturday at my brother's and his wife's where we park when we're in town. Our niece's kids are so cute and we have such a good time with them. The guys got all the four wheelers out just before Rich and I went to visit Mom again.

We had brought Mom a bouquet of flowers Saturday afternoon and while we were there she got a package in the mail with a card and a bag of Easter candy from her brother, his wife, their daughter and her family who all live in Florida. It was so sweet of them to remember Mom on this special weekend! It made her so happy!

Rich and I had such a great visit with Mom Saturday afternoon and then we all went to see her again that evening. That time we took her a banana split from Dairy Queen...she had one great day!

Just to make our grands even more jealous than they are already, after reading about our getting to see their cousins who are here this weekend, I bought this when we went to WalMart after getting into Carlinville yesterday. The boys LOVE this chocolate milk.

Yep, hometown proud!

Well, our snowbird days are obviously over, time to take that gadget off my sidebar...nah, maybe I'll just leave it there for now.

Lovin' Life ~~ Returning to Family & Home

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