Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yes, this is where we stayed last night, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, OK. To be a bit more specific, we stayed in the parking lot of this huge establishment. Even though it's as common as dry-docking at WalMart, this is the first time we've stayed overnight in a casino lot. This one has a lot designated for RV parking so, after we parked and set up, we rode in their luxury shuttle over to the casino where we entered through these doors...

I could show you photos of guitars of all colors and sizes; I could show you cases filled with celebrity photos, clothes and paraphernalia; I could show you the machine where I lost my entire $12.00 gambling budget...but anyone who visits there can show you all of that common stuff. You come here for an uncommon view...right? Right. So, just for you, I spent most of my time there (it didn't take very long to lose my $12.00) shooting a few of the magnificent ceilings. You read that right, here are some of the ceilings at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

This ceiling is over the entrance to the Hotel Lobby. We were ABOUT TO ROCK all right!

Centered under this ceiling that is open to the floor above and located just off the hotel lobby, is the Cherokee bike made by OCC! Rich and I were drooling.

This chandelier and it's placement in this domed ceiling...breathtaking!

...but I've been to Oklahoma...the ceiling with these lyrics is located in the casino.

This ceiling just inside the main entrance to the casino has the Hard Rock globe and says Save the Planet.

This is the ceiling of one of the open bars around the perimeter of the casino.

We made the mistake of having dinner at the buffet...blah food for $14.00 each...outrageous! That's even more than I invested in my carefully constructed plan to walk away a big winner...giggle

Suffice it to say that casinos are not our thing. I walk through observing all the people sitting at the slot machines staring without expression through glazed eyes punching that button over and over; it makes me sad. However, I know that many of our friends feel exactly the same sense of confusion about the days we spend taking photos of birds or flowers or wildlife or buildings or scenery or CEILINGS or visiting museums filled with wacky art. How wonderful that we live in this amazing country where there are seemingly endless ways to amuse oneself!

Enough of that. The shuttle took us back to our RV and in less than half an hour, I glanced out the window to see this sunset...oh that great luck of timing again!

Lovin' Life ~~ Always Ready to Rock a New Experience

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