Friday, October 18, 2013

California Lutheran University

This morning we drove to Thousand Oaks to visit my alma mater, California Lutheran University. Twenty years ago I graduated from this small university. Homecoming is being celebrated this weekend and my class reunion will be held on campus. When I received the invitation, knowing we would be here, I briefly considered attending. Reunions are not really my thing though so I didn't RSVP. I did want to visit campus and pick up something from the bookstore while we are here.

We have benefited tremendously in so many ways from my time here and the education received. It was exactly where I needed to be at the time. Here are a few photos of the always lovely campus.

The Luther Statue aka Enormous Luther
If you would like to know more about the history of this amazing statue and Martin Luther, here is a link:

Some of the many lovely flowers on campus.

If anyone knows what these incredible trees are, please let me know. There are lots of them where are camped too. The burls on them are magnificent!

Diversity Fountain and the unique architecture of many older campus buildings in the background.

But this, oh my, this is my favorite flower and there are many of them on campus. They were such a joy for me to see on a daily basis when I was a student here. These days, one of our nephews is a member of the crew that keeps this campus so breathtakingly beautiful.

How about this scene on our drive back to Simi Valley from Thousand Oaks!

And back at our campground, here are a couple more photos of some of the many awesome trees in this area.

This one, with its many burls, stands next to our motorhome.

Lovin' Life ~~ And Cal Lu

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