Monday, October 28, 2013

We are Keeping Busy!

There has been a special activity on all but two days since we returned from CA, and those days have been spent painting and doing routine household chores. Yes, we had the walls painted but the previous owners made such a mess of everything they did that there was paint on the ceilings, on all the trim, on the tile, etc. Now we are going back and cleaning up all the black/brown/dark red and other dark colors that were carelessly painted everywhere. I guess they never heard of painter's tape; they certainly did not use any. Oh well, let's talk about the fun stuff.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This was the last game for Jackson's freshman football team which was why we never considered staying in CA any longer. Remember, he is #33!

I love how my camera focused on Jackson in this shot!

They won by a significant margin so the season ended with a 6 - 3 record! The coaches gathered their team and each coach shared words of encouragement and advice.

Raising their helmets in celebration!

The entire team then faces their fans and sings the Puma Fight Song!
Jackson is third from the right.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

While running errands in town, I noticed this unusual cloud formation. It reminds of the shape of many agave or aloe plants, the wispy leaves branching up and out from a central base. Surely you noticed my Superstitions in the background!

That afternoon was the first time Rich cooked on his new grill. Those were some tasty chopped steaks!

The high point of Thursday for me though was going to Sandee's book club with her. I got to meet more of her friends and enjoy a smart conversation of varied perspectives on a book that I had recently read too! A big win-win for me!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Some of Sandee's and Shawn's college friends live here and others they see once or twice a year, usually at Alabama football games. One of those families, who live in Albuquerque, visited this weekend. Shelby loves when these families get together because they each have two girls where most of the local families they spend time with have mostly boys. We were all at Dylan's hockey game this evening, except for Steve's wife who was home preparing for all of them to watch Saturday's game at their house.

Dylan's team finally got their official jerseys; his actual number is 23. He is at the front center of this photo at the opposing team's goal.

Dylan is at face-off in this shot.

After the game he still had plenty of energy to join all the fun that the other kids were having, while the rest of us continued visiting.

Sandee and Shawn with their friends.

Saturday was one of those paint and chores days but Sunday, oh, did we enjoy
Sunday, October 27, 2013

Through Sandee and Shawn we became friends with the Young family right after the kids moved out here. Their daughter, Jordan, is an amazing rider who competes in Gymkhanas so we attend when we can.

The couple sitting nearest Rich are Jen's grandparents. Getting to visit with her grandma is an additional treat for me!

From there we went to the Queen Creek Olive Mill for a late afternoon meal. It was a perfect day to sit outside under the olive trees and savor a delicious salad and sandwich.

As we headed to our car, I took this Superstitions are in view all the way to Queen Creek!

Here is my cotton pickin' husband...giggle...getting me a cotton boll.

Here's the contraband...

Isn't it lovely? The leaves didn't even make it home before wilting, but the boll is on the window sill in front of my desk...sigh...

We hadn't seen the kids since Friday night...gasp! we dropped by their house in time to join the celebration of Dexter's third birthday. For the occasion he was wearing his new Halloween costume! In this photo he is barking excitedly because he sees Rich, and he especially loves Rich!

A plate of treats and a bag of gifts for the birthday boy!

Sandee was preparing dinner and the rest of the family was relaxing after their fun-filled weekend with friends and decorating for Halloween this afternoon.

Even though we were invited to stay for dinner, we headed on home so they could begin getting ready for the week ahead. I'm so glad because, as we neared our house, we were treated to this magnificent sky art, painted by the setting sun.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Other than checking out a couple of used vehicles late this afternoon and a delish dinner at Chipotle, our day again was spent doing laundry and painting...Rich is doing most of the painting but I do pitch in too.

Lovin' Life ~~ And All Our AZ Activities

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