Thursday, October 10, 2013

Perry Frosh Football

Yesterday, Wednesday, I shopped for bedding and whatever in the morning; there is always a list of things we still want to get for the house. Our neighbor, Bob, brought his truck and trailer over to load all the materials from the dog run demolition so that project is complete already! And, for the first time since we arrived, Rich went bike riding this morning. He rode 14 miles; not bad for a first ride, huh?

But the best part of the day came that evening at Jackson's football game. He got to play more than the previous games. Here are a few shots. Reminder: Jackson is #33.

In this shot, Jackson is behind the QB who passes the ball to him.

Jackson is carrying the ball in this shot.

Not only did we get to see him on the field several times in a couple different positions but so did his other grandparents! Shawn's parents and sister flew in from Louisiana yesterday afternoon. Shawn, Sandee, Dylan, & Shelby picked them up at the airport, took them to dinner, and then brought them straight to the game. I enjoyed visiting with his mom and sister while we watched the game. The only time we had all been together before was the weekend of their wedding, eighteen years ago.

Here is the whole group after the game. Since it was an away game, Jackson had to stay with the team and head for the bus so we couldn't catch him for this photo.

By the way, we had strong winds (read dust storm) from 11:00 a.m. on through the evening so we all had cold, dusty wind blowing into our faces at the game. Also, even though we were treated to a great football game, our Perry team lost. But, none of that dampened our spirits or took away from a delightful, fun evening!

Lovin' Life ~~ Visiting With Shawn's Family

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