Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ventura, CA

We party late here so I am again trying to post through bleary eyes when most of the world is sound asleep. Saturday was another perfect day...what can I say? We picked up Frank and Marion at 12:30 then drove to Ventura Harbor Village.

As we were walking down the pier, there was a crowd gathered so we checked it out. They were having a Kinetic Sculpture Race. This was the second of the three heat race. First they had raced in the water, now this figure 8 land heat, and last was a mud run. The vehicles were fun and inventive!

 And They're Off!

This was the first contestant in the mud run but they exhausted more than their allotted ten minutes without any success so we went to lunch because this was going to take forever.

My companions seemed to enjoy watching them get stuck in the mud though!

After a tasty lunch at Margarita Villa in the Village we walked across the street to Surfer's Knoll Beach. I do love me some water!

I am always the only one to walk down to the shore and into the water. That is some great exercise by the way!

Our niece, Barbara, always comments on Rich going to the beach with shoes and socks on so I posted this on FB and again here, especially for her.

Not me, I've been in the ocean and back up to where they were waiting.

We visited at their house a while then came back to feed the girls some dinner and call to see what the rest were up to. July, Merl, Barbara, and Marianne were all at Helen's so we went over there. There is no shortage of laughter when we're with any of them.

Lovin' Life ~~
Can't Wait for Tomorrow to Continue the Fun!!!

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